The Assassin’s Blade

Originally published in 2014


Taking place before the start of the first book in the series, Throne of Glass, the stories in these pages tell of the tales of Celaena Sardothien; Adarlan’s Assassin. All of the events in this collection of short stories are set before Celaena was sent to Endovier. We learn about how she stole a horse while studying in the Red Desert with the Silent Assassins. We watch as she and Sam fall in love—or better yet, we watch as Celaena comes to love him the way he always loved her. We see more of Arobynn and his treatment towards Celaena while she is under his wing.

My thoughts

It was interesting to read this collection knowing what the end would bring; it would bring betrayal, the murder of Sam, Celaena being sent to Endovier. We knew from the beginning where her story would go because without the events that led her there, Celaena would have never become the fierce character we see her become in Queen of Shadows. While the stories told in this book aren’t necessary for the rest of the series, they add layers that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We learn more about her history, and what had led her to grow so hateful towards Arobynn and the life she once had.

Let’s talk about Sam.

Sam Cortland saw who Celaena was, and was never ashamed of her and the blood on her hands. He loved her completely, so much so, that he was risking hell by even speaking of leaving the guild with her. It cost him his life. Like with so many characters before her, his death shaped her future. Without his death, Celaena wouldn’t have acted against Arobynn, and then wouldn’t have been betrayed by him and sent to Endovier. Sam taught her how to love, how to be capable of it. She needed him then, and in a way, she needed to lose him too.

All in all, Celaena gained a lot of depth through these stories. She already had so many layers, but the world itself gained a lot of layers. We see what the kingdom was like before she brought it to it’s knees. I’m sure many before me noticed the quick interaction between Dorian and Celaena when she and Sam went to a party, and it was a nice surprise. Little did they know what the future held for the two of them.

What did you guys think of The Assassin’s Blade? Let me know!

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